A native Houstonian, Clare Bartlett is a Realtor with Norhill Realty serving home buyers or sellers throughout the city with a particular focus and experience in Houston’s Inner Loop and near town neighborhoods.

Through her 20s, Clare made it a point to live in a new neighborhood every year. She wanted to find all of the nooks and niches the city had to offer. This experience has provided Clare with a unique insight into this great city and all it has to offer.

Clare started her real estate career by flipping houses with a small group of investors. During this time, she learned a wealth of information about buying and selling homes as a means of investing. Her flipping experience has made Clare well-versed in determining the profitability of key market areas in Houston. Additionally, she is better equipped to advise buyers regarding the condition of older homes and how the home’s condition might impact a property’s value.

A graduate of St. Agnes Academy, Clare earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in business foundations from the University of Houston, where she also received the corporate entrepreneurship certification from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.

Prior to entering real estate, Clare was in logistics, where she coordinated international ocean shipments for various large public companies and oversaw the entire life of a shipment from origin to the final destination. The fast-paced environment of international shipping instilled in her a commitment to the idea that “time is of the essence” and the importance of focusing on the details. Both are essential traits of a great Realtor.

In her spare time, Clare enjoys spending time outdoors, socializing with friends, playing the piano, reading, and spending quality time with her two small dogs.