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Rachael Hartzog


Rachael was drawn to real estate through a deep commitment to helping others. “I’ve always loved working with people,” Rachael says, and her experience has proved she can do so successfully, even in adverse circumstances. She was selected for a specialized team that provided vital services to the most traumatized victims of the Louisiana Flood of 2016, and prior to that, she worked with clients and their families for a Baton Rouge Hospice agency. Rachael considers the field of real estate a helping profession in its own right. “Finding the right home in the right location, for an individual or a family, is an important step in life, one that I take very seriously.”

Rachael comes to Houston by way of Louisiana and a professional background in social services. A Baton Rouge native, she earned an undergraduate degree in English and a Master’s in Social Work at Louisiana State University (geaux tigers!). Since moving to H-Town she has been soaking up the city’s exciting and diverse culture, from the Astros to the Z on 23 Rooftop Lounge.

Rachael lives in the Houston Heights area with her husband, Nathan. As a volunteer, she provides community education and facilitates a support group for Houston Alzheimer’s Services, and she spends time with hospice clients. She enjoys travel, sampling the local cuisine, and shopping at the neighborhood farmers market.

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