What is your Houston home worth?

Receive instant market value estimates for your home.

Your home is unique. Although we think Homebot is a great tool to estimate your home's value and keep you on top of the market, it can't replace what an experienced, professional Realtor can do. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, but it hasn't come that far. To get the most accurate value of your home, Norhill Realty can perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Request a CMA and we will be in touch ASAP.

For most Americans (and Houstonians), their home is their largest asset.

That being the case, don't you think you should monitor your home's value? By entering your address in the form above, you'll receive much more than a basic home valuation estimate. Our Homebot will automatically track your home value, mortgage, and equity, helping you to make informed decisions about the largest asset you may ever own. If you are thinking of buying, refinancing, or relocating, this can be valuable information so you can get the timing right. Some of the features include the following:


  • When to remodel?
  • When to refinance?
  • When to buy?
  • When to sell?
  • When to rent it out?


You will receive monthly notifications, customized to your local market, with updates on your home’s value, your loans, your equity, and timely market data.


You’ll be provided with personalized actionable insights into the current state of the market. This information will be a valuable tool to help you better time your decisions.